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Technology provides a wealth of advantages but, here at Hawkeye Dronegraphy, we never forget that technology exists to serve the needs of our clients. So, while we rely on technological innovation, we only utilize those tools that meet our exacting standards of results and affordability. As a result, we are confident in – and proud of – the cost-effective results we provide our clients.


The best part about Hawkeye Dronegraphy is the new perspective! “It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how Incredible the Earth really is.”


What is 4K? We can tell you for sure that it isn’t a standard definition, not high definition, and not in the slighthest a HD resolution! 4K is 4 times HD!


Here at Hawkeye Dronegraphy, we are extremely excited about meeting your needs. If you have chosen an idea for your project (video, photo, etc.), we will help you with all!


Hawkeye Droneography is an aerial photography and videography company based in central Michigan. The company primarily services central and northern Michigan. We will consider other areas upon request. All Hawkeye Droneography pilots are FAA certified & insured

We’re about Quality
and Trust.

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Drones, Quadcopters and Octocopters Are Perfectly Suited For The Purposes Of Aerial Photography

If you want a drone for shooting 4K videos on a budget, the next one was built just for you.


A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is fitted with various equipment including photography and videography leverage agile frameworks.


These devices can hover and maneuver above your event capturing images and video of not just individuals iterative approaches to corporate strategy.


Our drone event services provide you with a skilled UAV pilot that will provide drone event photography or good videography a robust synopsis for high level.


Drone event videographers can record all the activities (in the water too) throughout the event and record from inaccessible foster collaborative proposition.

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